Tarot beginners course

names are now being taken for the next beginners Tarot course. please phone to put your name down as places are limited.  you can book through the Light and Energy centre. Telephone 01305 839394 or through me on any of my contact numbers or by email. If your interested don’t wait and be diasappointed BOOK NOW! 


I will be unavailable for treatments from July 27 until 6 th August. due to my holiday. from 6th of August

until 13 th of August I am running a limited practice. NO mobile treatments will be available during the Olympics. Thank you for your understanding during this difficult period. 

internet problem

sorry for any inconvenience but I have no internet connection. Please use the phone numbers to contact me as emails will NOT get a response until internet connection is back. thank you Garry

Elements Tarot Course

Still a few days left to sign up for the elements beginners tarot course. The course is open to anyone, no special talent required, just an interest and a open mind. Start date 8th May 7.00pm till 9.00pm held over three lessons one
month apart so you have plenty of time to practice your new skills in-between lessons. price £60.00 for full course with the option of completing an intermediate level at a later date. There is also a tarot club which meets once a month.  please feel free to contact be directly or phone Clair at the Light and Energy Centre on 01305 839394

A Thought On Tai Chi

There seems to be quite a lot of news items this week on the practice of Tai Chi and its benefits to human health. Apparently studies have shown that learning Tai chi is of benifit to the older generation, helping to prevent falls by 47% . It is now being advocated by some age concern organisations that Tai Chi should be available to people of this age group. I would of course complete support this, however I think the point has been missed slightly.  Tai chi is benificial at any age so surely it would make more sense to begin teaching to the young and that way it would become a life long practice.  Advocating just one age group is like closing the gate after the cows are on the road, helpful to a degree. Also if Tai Chi is seen as something only the elderly do young people will be put off and this would be not only a shame but a tragedy. Just a thought! 

Chi Kung

No classes Friday 30th March or Friday 6th April. Classes resume 13th April
11.00am too 12.00 pm

Chi Kung (Qigong) class

Chi Kung class at the Light & Energy centre every Friday morning 11.00am until 12.00 pm. Open to all, this is a drop in class paid in a weekly bases £6.00 per lesson.  This class is ideal for those who do not wish or who cannot commit to a full Tai Chi course . For more information please feel free to contact me or the centre on 01305 839394

over forties Tai Chi class

Tai Chi at St Augustine’s church hall every Tuesday 2.00pm until 3.30pm. Come along and get a little healthier and fitter. This is a friendly fun class with a nice group of people.  cost paid weekly £5.00


I will be unavailable for treatments between
the 24th of March and the 1st of April inclusive. Please accept my apologises for any inconvience caused. Garry

mothers day offer

mothers day is approaching fast this year why not give something worth more than the usual chocolates. Give your mother the gift of time.  Time to relax and have an hour for herself. A relaxing full body massage mothers day special for