Tai Chi

How can Tai Chi improve health?

It is a form of exercise suitable for anyone of any age.


Garry has been a practitioner of Tai Chi since 1992 and has taught the art since 1998 both in class situations and privately on a one too one basis.


Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art, the beginnings of which go back many thousands of years. This ancient martial art is mainly practised today for its health benefits, of which there are many.

Tai Chi is practiced in a slow controlled manner reducing the possibility of suffering strain or muscle injuries while strengthening muscles and increasing flexibility and suppleness.

This is a form of exercise suitable for people of any age, in fact in China children learn the art from an early age and continue to practise through out their lives. Tai Chi has one very big advantage over other exercise systems, once mastered it can be practised any where without any equipment and takes only ten minutes to complete the entire form.


Some of the benefits of Tai Chi are:

– Stimulates blood circulation
– Loosens and limbers up joints and ligaments
– Exercises the cardio pulmonary system
– Improves balance & coordination
– Aids in the decrease of high blood pressure
– Improves general health both mentally and physically leading to a lessening of effects that stress places upon the body.

Classes and private tuition available in the local area.