Now that I have found Garry, I definitely will not be going anywhere else for back care treatment. His skills and approach to people are amazing. 10 out of 10!!


Garry is a great practitioner and is very skilled and knowledgable in his field. He dealt with my hip, knee and back pain so professionally and successfully. I have recommended him to numerous friends and family.


Garry is a highly skilled and intuitive practitioner. The positive effects of treatment are evident, and the “follow up” advice he provides for consolidating and extending progress is accessible, practical and reassuring.


In my opinion Gary is a brilliant holistic therapist. He works on an intuitive level which ensures confidence in his natural healing qualities, his professional manner and esoteric knowledge. I feel that it is beneficial to the health and well being of our community that Gary has chosen to work in Weymouth. He certainly is one of the best

Mary Maher

I was diagnosed with cancer(Hodgkins Disease) in 1979, I was treated with radio-therapy which with the passing of time left me in chronic pain in my neck and shoulders, as well as severe headaches and migraines. I was unable to look over my shoulder and movement was severely restricted I had a 48lb head! Having tried just about every osteopath, chiropractic, physio and conventional medicine I met Garry and he used a different approach concentrating on the muscles not the joints, this along with the Dorn method has had fantastic results. Garry has been treating me for about two years now and I really believe my life has been changed for the better my pain is greatly reduced and my range of movement has improved beyond recognition to what it was.


I went to Garry with severe back problems that i have been suffering with for many years. After a few session in a very relaxed atmoshphere he informed me my pelvis was out of line, he worked on this and now feel the benefits of this. He done more for me in 4 sessions than the doctors have done in years. Thanks Garry

Wendy Harrison