Garry offers very professional and experienced treatments in comfortable surroundings. I initially went to Garry because I was suffering some lower back pain, as well as having a long standing troubled shoulder. Within seconds of getting on the heated, electric adjustable couch Garry told me that my hip was my problem & not my back. He set about putting it right, very successfully. My shoulder has taken a couple more treatments and I now go regularly as a preven0tative measure and for some general relaxation. Garry seems very happy to mix up the sports massage treatments with the holistic massage so you can get the best of both.

Carrie L

Garry is a very professional, thoughtful therapist, I have been suffering for many years from neck and shoulder problems and for the past five to six years from sciatic pain, after a few sessions I have had no sciatic pain and my neck and shoulders are becoming noticeably better at a very pleasing rate. The treatments are very relaxing and not in the least bit painful or uncomfortable, Garry always works to my personal pain tolerance and mixes therapy with relaxation for an effective,enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend Garry’s expertise.

Michelle J

Very thorough initial consultation. Attentive and sympathetic listening to description of symptoms. Warm, comfortable and restful room with powered, adjustable massage table with face hole. Non-fussy but thoughtful, consistent approach. Massage pressure can be discussed. Good knee and back support. Plenty of time allowed for post-massage recovery.

Mike S

Since being a young lady I have suffered from a Chronic Injury to my shoulder and have never been free from pain or discomfort. A friend of mine recommened me to Mr Andrews. I am now after three treatments free from pain,movement is greatly improved. Mr Andrews is a professional and kind. He made me feel very much at ease. I would and have recommended Garry to all my friends and family.

Vikki C

Garry’s Tai Chi class is a really soothing antidote to a stressful day’s work. Tai Chi’s not easy to learn but Garry puts it across well. He’s great at spotting as soon as we start to struggle and goes at just the right pace so everyone can follow. Unwind, exercise and have fun all at the same time – can’t be bad!

Christine Collins

The willingness to listen to the symptoms of the problem. Get straight to the source of the pain without beating around the bush! Holistic Health came across a very professional attitude and opinion. I recommend them to anyone with sports related problems.

Tommy V